You have received an I-131 therapy treatment from your healthcare provider. I-131 is a radioactive substance that is useful in treating the condition that your healthcare provider has diagnosed.  However, caution should be taken in disposal of products that may contain trace amounts of this radioactive substance. 

You should use the following methods for disposing of your personal household waste that may contain trace amounts of I-131.  These disposal methods will enable the waste containing I-131 to be handled safely and not to enter the environment before it is safe.

The radioiodine will exit the body by way of the urine, stool, perspiration, and saliva. The radioiodine is also present in the blood. For this reason, any diapers, sanitary napkins, tampons or any other product that would be used to absorb body fluids should be disposed of using the following procedure: 

  • Take each individual soiled product and put it in a sealed plastic container - sealable plastic bags used for food storage work well - and then place them in a covered container - again, plastic containers used for food storage work well.  Your healthcare provider will have informed you of the length of time that your fluids will contain a trace amount of I-131.  Please employ this method for the entire time identified by your healthcare provider.
  • At your convenience, please deliver the covered container which has the soiled products to the hospital or healthcare facility where you received the I-131 therapy treatment. Each facility will store and monitor the products until the I-131 is deemed safe for disposal into the garbage. 
  • Please do not simply put your soiled products into your household trash. 

Please follow the above procedures to ensure the safety of your family and our environment. If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact your healthcare provider.