Keep ladybugs in your garden as a environmentally responsible way to control pest damage in your garden. By encouraging ladybug populations in your garden means that you can control the populations of undesirable insects that harm your plants (like aphids, scales and mites) simply by letting the ladybugs eat!The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that no pesticide may be considered safe even if used as prescribed. The fact that a pesticide is registered with the EPA only means it performs as the label asserts, to kill the target pest.

In consideration of the potential hazards involved in the use of chemical pesticides to human health and the environment, the County of Westchester has adopted the Pesticide Reduction Law to mandate integrated pest management strategies that place priority on the prevention of pest problems and chemical pesticides as a last resort only and using the least toxic products available.

In order to implement this policy the law established a Pest Management Committee consisting of nine volunteer citizens appointed by the County Board of Legislators (BOL) for staggered terms of two years, and ex officio representatives from several county departments: Health, Public Works, Parks, Environmental Facilities. The Chair of the BOL Committee on Environment acts as an advisor and liaison to the Board.  

New committee members wanted
The committee is currently seeking new members interested in making a difference by helping reduce pesticide usage in Westchester County. The Committee meets on the last Thursday of every month from 3 to 5 p.m. at the Board of Legislators Building in White Plains. 

Some of the duties of this committee are as follows:Stay pesticide free

  • Review county departmental Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plans and make recommended changes
  • Approve pesticide exemption application
  • Identify and recommend use of least toxic pesticides
  • Provide IPM training for county personnel
  • Develop educational materials and promote IPM practices
  • Act as a resource for and in conjunction with county department
  • Maintain records and determine Environmental Impact Quotient (EIQ) amounts for the six county golf courses
  • Submit and present an annual report to the Board of Legislators’ Environmental Committee

If you have an interest in the protecting the environment and would like to join the pest management committee, attend a meeting to learn more, or have any other questions with regards to the committees’ activities please contact Pest Management Coordinator, Mike McCall at

Watch a video recently produced by the committee to assist with workplace pest prevention efforts.