The Neighbor Notification Law, Chapter 691 of the Laws of Westchester County, provides that notification is required when pesticides are sold or applied.

Commercial Pesticide Applicators are required to notify property owners of pesticide application to property abutting them 48 hours in advance of application.

Property Owners are required to inform the occupants of dwellings that abut the property being treated with pesticides 24 hours in advance of application.

Retailers are required to post signs close to pesticides instructing applicators to comply with the notification requirements.

Homeowners are required to post visual notification markers (signs) prior to applying pesticides to more than 100 sq. ft. of their property.

Find out what pesticides are subject to the Neighbor Notification Law in Westchester County.

Printable versions of visual notification markers (En español) (lawn signs) and retail information signs (En español) are available in pdf format. The signs must be printed on brightly colored paper and text may not be changed. Please see the Neighbor Notification Law for posting requirements.