Department of Health professionals play a broad role in the annual Emergency Response Preparedness Drill designed to test New York State and Indian Point emergency response plans.

Public Health professionals work closely with Federal, State and County agencies in their efforts to improve emergency response plans for various types of emergencies. These plans are developed under regulations established by the Federal Government to strengthen emergency procedures for areas around nuclear power plants. Although these plans focus on Indian Point, they may be applied to other hazards such as storms, fires, transportation accidents and other emergencies. The four-county Indian Point drill, held in Westchester, Rockland, Orange and Putnam Counties, is evaluated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Virtually every department staff member participates in the four-county drill. Public health staff are involved in all phases of the plan which includes planning, training and drill participation as well as public education and information efforts. The Health Department is crucial to the execution of the Indian Point Emergency Response Plan. The Commissioner of Health assists the County Executive in the key decision role in the Operation Center. Department of Health engineers conduct dose assessment and field monitoring functions; public health protection personnel staff the emergency personnel monitoring center; and public health nurses staff the personnel reception centers.

Visit the Emergency Planning for Indian Point Web site for information on how residents should prepare for an emergency.