Environmental health professionals investigate potential exposures from environmental contaminants at inactive hazardous waste sites and from petroleum and chemical spills, fires and other environmental incidents. Annually, the Westchester County Department of Health responded to hundreds of chemical and toxic spills.

The Chemical Emergency Response van enables the Westchester County Department of Health to respond on a 24-hour basis to numerous chemical emergencies and hazardous spills, making available a high level of technology.

The Office of Emergency Services is the lead agency for Westchester's Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). The LEPC is responsible for developing emergency response plans for chemical emergencies within Westchester County.

Committee members gather and maintain information from facilities that store, use or manufacture specially designated chemicals. Based on the types and qualities of chemicals being reported, the LEPC develops site-specific plans for each facility and the surrounding area.

Members of Westchester's LEPC also respond to inquires from the public regarding chemicals in the community and work with local emergency responders.


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