The Public Water Supply program application forms and guidelines are provided by the Westchester County Department of Health with the goal of providing direction for a complete plan submission to the department when required by the Westchester County Department of Health and New York State Department of Health Codes. With a complete submission, an effective review and timely approval of the project can be realized.

The application forms and guidelines provide the minimum requirements for a submission to this department regarding various projects; and additional information may be required during the project review to complete the approval process.

Lack of description or criteria for a particular process is not intended to suggest that such a system should not be used, but only that consideration will be on the basis of the information submitted with the design. It is incumbent upon the design engineer to demonstrate that the process or equipment proposed is capable of achieving the treatment objectives outlined in the applicable standards.

The Department shall be guided by the requirement of the “Recommended Standards for Water Works”, 2018 edition or the latest edition and Part 5, Subpart 5-1 of the New York State Sanitary Code, NYSSC.

Whenever the term “engineer” is used, it shall mean a Professional Engineer licensed and currently registered to practice in the State of New York.

All plans submitted for approval must bear the professional engineer’s original stamp/seal and original signature on each sheet and be prepared pursuant to Title VIII, Article 145, Section 7209 of the New York State Education Law.

New Requirements

NYS Approved Drinking Water Labs

Water Main

Storage Tanks


Treatment Systems Disinfection


Application for Approval of Plans for Public Water Supply (DOH-348)
Designation of Operator in Responsible Charge (DOH-4204)
Water Pressure Testing Form (WPT-1) updated Oct. 2011


Subpart 5-1 Appendix 5B Standards for Water Wells
Subpart 5-1 Appendix 5D Special Requirements for Wells Serving Public Water

Water Supplier’s Meeting 2009 (PowerPoint presentation)

The submittal shall be forwarded to:

Westchester County Department of Health
Bureau of Environmental Quality
25 Moore Avenue
Mount Kisco, NY 10549
Attn: Program Administrator