The following are NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Nuisance Wildlife Licensed Trappers registered in Westchester County. This list is not an endorsement. The public is advised to call several trappers to "shop" for an acceptable price.

Quality Pro
Jim Horton
(914) 712-6333
Covers all of Westchester. Handles pests and wildlife.

Ray Hartley
(914) 293-7593
Covers all of Westchester. Handles all wildlife including birds and reptiles

Chuck Dyckman
(800) 696-7803
Serving Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange, Rockland and New York City

Bill Weizenecker
(914) 277-3990
Serving Westchester

Steve Feola
(914) 263-8161

Jim Dreisacker (bats, coyotes)
(800) 273-6673
Serving Westchester

Thomas Herman
(845) 742-5284

Gail Hoffman (Tender Trapper)
(914) 668-8166
Serving Westchester

Greg Jahner
(914) 420-6385
Serving Westchester (not Mt. Vernon, Yonkers)

Chris Jahner
(914) 420-4300
Serving Westchester

Tom Adams
(914) 736-0210
Serving Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess

Robert Radomski                                                                                     
(914) 693-0337                                                                                       

Don Schaus
(914) 500-3636
Serving Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess

Rabies Vector Species Rehabilitator: Valerie Nassetta (845) 229-5626