This Web page is designed to help everyone prevent injuries.

Automobile Safety
Learn all about driving safely, safe cars, driving in bad weather, what to do after an accident and much more.

Bicycle Safety
Bicycle safety is for everyone - adults, children, pedestrians, and motorists. Keeping bicycle riders safe is everyone's responsibility. This section gives information to help bicycle riders avoid injuries.

Car Seat Safety
Car seats and safety belts in motor vehicles reduce injuries related to motor vehicle accidents.

Extreme Sports Safety
Extreme sports include such activities as inline skating, all terrain vehicle (ATV) use, and skateboarding. Not for everyone, these sports carry their own risks along with the rewards.

Pedestrian Safety
Pedestrians can increase their chances of avoiding injuries by following some common sense rules of the road.

Safety Around Water
Water safety includes taking special precautions around water bodies, large and small, as well as using safety guidelines when involved in water sports.

Home Safety
There's no place like home for accidents - a substantial proportion of accidents each year occur in the home. Practical steps can be taken to prevent many of these accidents.