"It's My Healthcare" is a joint initiative of Westchester County and representatives of the county's medical community. It's all about understanding health care quality.

For Patients
Research has shown that science-based measures can be used to assess quality for various conditions and for specific types of care.  For example, quality health care is:

  • Doing the right thing - getting the health services you need
  • At the right time - when you need them
  • In the right way - using the appropriate test or procedure
  • To achieve the best possible results

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For Providers
Providing quality health care also means striking the right balance of services by:

  • Avoiding under use - e.g. not screening a person for high blood pressure
  • Avoiding overuse - e.g. performing tests a patient doesn't need
  • Eliminating misuse - e.g. providing medications that may have dangerous interactions

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