Being active is good for both your mind and body. Regular physical activity helps fight chronic diseases, control weight, boost energy and improve mood.

Being active is good for both your mind and body. Regular physical activity helps fight chronic diseases, control weight, boost energy and improve mood. Even small amounts of physical activity add up and there are many simple ways to work exercise into your daily routine.

Ready to get started? We’ve got you covered with the tips below. Be sure to talk with your health care provider
before beginning any exercise program.

Easy Ways to Add Exercise to Your Day
Take the stairs: Pass up the elevator and climb the stairs. Don’t worry about how fast you’re moving; go at your own pace. Make it a regular habit and before long, you’ll have forgotten that you used to get winded.

Ditch the car: Whenever possible, walk to your destination instead of driving. If you have to take the car, park further away to get some walking time in.

Pump up your jam: Blast your favorite song and dance. Dancing is a great cardiovascular activity and you’ll be having so much fun grooving to the beat that you won’t even remember that you are exercising.

Take It Up a Notch
Break for exercise: Make a conscious decision to get out of your seat several times a day for some physical activity. Take a brisk walk, run up and down a few flights of stairs or do some jumping jacks.

Act like a kid again: Remember all those activities you did for fun as a kid? Revisit them and get your heart pumping! Jump rope for 10 to 15 minutes, bike ride around your neighborhood a few times or shoot some hoops at the park. Each of these activities has great cardiovascular benefits.

Do your chores: Tackle those tasks around the house that you’ve been putting off and you’ll not only cross things off your to do list, you’ll also burn some calories. Rake leaves for 30 minutes, weed the garden for 45 minutes or wash the floors and windows for an hour.

Smart Tip
The same smartphone that keeps you sitting down can also inspire you to get up and move. Free fitness apps are available for all fitness levels. Download ones that match your ability and get moving today!

Burn Those Calories
Kick start your heart: Instead of a brisk walk, try jogging. You can alternate between walking and jogging if you need to at first. Swap some of your jumping jacks out for burpees or squat jumps. Increase the distance and speed of your bike rides.

The more the merrier: Try a group exercise class or grab a friend and do a work out video. If you can’t join a gym to take classes, check out your local parks department. Many offer low cost fitness classes for residents. You can also download free exercise apps and videos online, or rent workout DVDs from the library.

Get strong: Include resistance training in your routine to strengthen and tone your muscles.
Find a good beginner program and start out using light dumbbells or resistance bands. There are also many strength exercises that you can do using just your bodyweight, like push-ups, planks and tricep dips.

Check out these videos on physical activity basics and proper form for strength training exercises. 


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