sleeping baby on back
October is SIDS Awareness Month. Parents and caregivers can rest easy knowing the steps to lower a baby’s risk for SIDS and suffocation. It's as simple as ABC. 

The ABCs of Safe Sleep, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and others, are a reminder that the safest way for babies to sleep is Alone, on their Backs, and in a Crib. Every night. Every nap.

Create a Safe Sleep Environment for your baby

"A" is for Alone:

  • Always let baby sleep alone in a crib, never in a bed with another person or pet where baby could be smothered.
  • Only have a firm mattress and tight-fitting sheet in the crib.
  • No blankets, pillows, bumpers or toys.
  • Dress baby in one more layer of clothing than you.

"B" is for on baby's Back: Always let baby sleep alone in a crib with only a firm mattress, tight-fitting sheet and no blankets, pillow, bumpers or toys.

  • Always place baby to sleep on his or her back.
  • No sleeping on tummy or sides.
  • Tummy time is for supervised play time.
  • No pillows or wedges in crib.

"C" is for Crib:

  • Baby should sleep in a safe and separate crib or bassinet.
  • Use a tight-fitted sheet with no blankets.
  • Never allow baby to sleep on a couch.
  • No futons, chairs, waterbeds or dresser drawers.