The Beach Surveillance Program protects the public from illnesses associated with swimming in contaminated bathing waters. 

Beaches are generally open Memorial Day through Labor Day. To find out if a particular beach is open for the season, check the public and private beaches page for the phone number of the beach you're interested in.

Public health-related beach closings on Monday through Friday are available here. For information on weekend beach closures check with the beach itself.

Current Beach Closings 2024 

July 8, 2024: The following beaches have been closed until further notice due to the presence of a Harmful Algae Bloom in the swim areas.

  • Mohegan Colony Association – Mohegan Lake
  • Mohegan Beach Park District – Mohegan Lake

Beaches are sometimes closed due to excessive rainfall
Based on studies by the Westchester County Department of Health, heavy rainfalls in the watershed of the Mamaroneck River greatly impact the quality of water in the Mamaroneck Harbor. Echo Bay in New Rochelle is similarly affected impacting Hudson Park Beach and Echo Bay Yacht Club.

Beach closures are based on the number of inches of rain on the watershed. Heavy rains and discharges from stormwater drains directly affect these waters. As a result, these waters may contain high levels of harmful bacteria that may cause illness after a heavy rain.

Threshold levels have been established to promote a guide for the closing of beaches located within the protected area of these harbors.

  • Greater than 1/2 inch of rain = 1 day closure
  • Greater than 1 inch of rain = 2 day closure
  • Greater than 2 inches of rain = to be determined

If you plan on going to any of these beaches after a rainfall, check to make sure they are open by calling the beach.

Beaches within Mamaroneck Harbor

  • Harbor Island
  • Beach Point Club
  • Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club
  • Orienta Beach Club

Beaches on open water in Rye

  • Coveleigh Club


Beaches in Davenport Neck, New Rochelle

  • Davenport Club
  • Greentree Club
  • Surf Club


Beaches within Echo Bay, New Rochelle

  • Hudson Park Beach