Land DevelopmentEnvironmental engineers review and permit every subdivision plan and new subsurface sewage treatment system (SSTS) for commercial and residential use to ensure that there is adequate sewage disposal and drinking water. They perform field site visits throughout the construction phase to verify that the plans are being followed.

Read more about septic system repair, operation and maintenance.

On-Site Wastewater Treatment System (aka Septic System) and/or Well Applications

Westchester County Health Department Rules and Regulations for the Design and Construction of Residential Subsurface Sewage Treatment System

Westchester County Sanitary Code



Requests for Inspections


Change of Use

Realty Subdivision Applications

Regulations for Westchester County Sanitary Code:



Record Searches
If you are only seeking information about complaints or recent violations about a septic system, then provide the street address and send a record request to Requests for the full septic system records are handled as follows:

  • Search requests for an approved septic system on a given property are made by completing the sketch request form. Fill in as much of the requested information on the form as possible, print out and fax to (914) 864-7341. The municipality's tax assessor and/or the building department can assist you in securing this information. Of importance are the:
    • address
    • tax map designation of the lot (some municipalities have multiple TMD)
    • municipality
    • year the house was built
    • dates of any additions (bedrooms) to house

Remember to provide a daytime phone number so we can call you with any questions. Note: If requested records are in our archives, retrieval can take up to 10 days. For further assistance, call (914) 864-7333.

Freedom of Information Officer (FOIL)
Westchester County Department of Health
145 Huguenot Street, 7th floor
New Rochelle, NY 10801

They may also be faxed to: (914) 813-5014.

Well Decommissioning/Abandonment Procedure

Septic System Abandonment Procedure

ePlan filing system  
Licensed and registered professional engineers and architects can have plans approved by the Health Department through the ePlan online filing system. ID's and passwords are required to file and then access plans.

Use the online fillable ePlan registration form to obtain a login and password. Print/fax or e-mail options are also available. ID's and passwords are required to file and then access plans.

Sign in to Westchester County ePlans.

Health Department submissions contact information:

PhoneSubmissions for these constructions
(914) 864-7333
  • Realty subdivisions
  • Septic systems
  • Private drinking water wells
(914) 813-5149
  • Backflow prevention devices
  • Industrial and commercial air pollution sources and control equipment
  • Solid waste facilities
(914) 864-7296
  • Water and sewer main extensions
  • All other public drinking water and wastewater facilities


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