Be A Trusted Messenger
The Westchester County Department of Health (WCDH) is working with community organizations to develop a health education program (Know Better, Live Better) to promote health and wellness across the county.  We are seeking a cohort of at least 80 Trusted Messengers to help us spread the word among members of their communities about preventing COVID-19 and other diseases, COVID-19 vaccination, locating local healthcare resources, and making decisions to promote better health.

Trusted Messengers will receive training and work with WCDH and partners to deliver easy-to-understand health education to their communities.  Trusted Messengers do not have to be health experts, but we are looking for individuals who have strong knowledge about Westchester communities and are enthusiastic about health!

All Trusted Messengers will sign a contract with WCDH and will receive a $2,000 stipend for their participation after completing all contract requirements.

Trusted Messenger Expectations:

  • 6-8 hours of training to learn more about health and communication
  • Deliver a 1-hour lesson to 100 individuals within a 4-6 month period, either virtually through WebEx or in-person at a partnering community organization
  • Attend virtual check-ins with Westchester County Department of Health on a bi-weekly basis over 4 months
  • Complete a survey after each lesson on your experience in delivering health education
  • Participate in a brief focus group and/or interview at the end of the program to describe your overall experience with the program

Trusted Messenger Qualifications:

  • Westchester resident ages 18 and over
  • Enthusiastic about public health, prevention, and health equality
  • Has regular access to a computer and reliable internet connection
  • Interest in developing leadership and communication skills
  • Has many connections in Westchester communities, especially around Peekskill, Ossining, Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, Yonkers, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, White Plains, and Port Chester
  • Vaccinated or willing to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before program begins
  • Accept payment through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and completion of a W-9 form

If you are interested, please complete this form. Completion of the form does not guarantee or require participation in the program. Westchester County Department of Health staff members will contact you to discuss the position further if you submit the form.

Partner With Us - Community-Based Organizations
Community and faith-based organizations (CBOs) are critical partners for the Know Better, Live Better program. CBOs will join the Know Better, Live Better Community Consortium, which will advise educational development to ensure this program meets National Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services standards. In addition, CBOs may assist WCDH with recruiting participants in this program.

The services to be provided by your organization under the Know Better, Live Better program may include some or all of the following activities:

  • Attend monthly, virtual, 1-hour Community Consortium meetings

  • Contribute to development of health education by:
    • Review materials’ adherence to National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services
    • Identify priority populations for whom materials should be tailored.
    • Assist in recruitment of community-based educators from the Westchester community who will be able to participate in Westchester County Department of Health-led trainings and commit to educating 100 individuals over the course of 4 months.

  • Enhance Westchester County Department of Health outreach efforts to maximize program participation by:
    • Identify meeting spaces for in-person education sessions.
    • Circulating list of scheduled education sessions and relevant sign-up information to clientele.
    • Posting program-related promotional materials, such as flyers and brochures, in public spaces.
    • Linking to program website and directing clientele to programmatic information listed on the site.

  • Participate in quality improvement activities, such as:
    • Identifying members of the community who may not participate in education, but would be willing to join a focus group.
    • Reviewing preliminary data and process implementation findings reported by Westchester County Department of Health, using the findings to make suggestions that improve aspects of the program. Examples include:
      • Format and content of curriculum provided to community education recipients
      • Training program provided to educators
      • Recruitment process used to reach populations in need

If your organization is able to participate in some or all of the activities above, please reach out to us at