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Lyme disease rash

View a typical Lyme Disease rash

The most common early sign of Lyme disease is a skin rash that has a "bull's eye" appearance. It begins as a reddened area near the tick bite. As the rash increases in size, it clears in the middle and develops a red ring around the outside.

  • It may expand to a very large size
  • Is usually not painful or itchy
  • Often appears on the thighs, groin, trunk, armpit, and on children's faces

 Lyme Disease bullseye rash

Single bullseye rash





Single rash
Single rash





Single rash
Single rash





Single rash
Single rash





Multiple rash

Multiple Rash
A person may experience multiple rashes, such as you see here. The rash is not caused from multiple tick bites, but occurs as a reaction when the bacteria moves through the body.



Advanced rash with arthritic knee

Arthritic Knee
This is an example of Lyme arthritis in the knee. Joints may become red, swollen, and painful.