Are you HIV-negative but at high risk for being exposed to HIV?Are you HIV-negative but at high risk for being exposed to HIV? If so, you should talk to a health care provider about PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) and PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis).

PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is a daily pill that can prevent HIV infection. If you take PrEP every day, it greatly reduces your risk of HIV. PrEP can protect you if you are:

  • in an ongoing relationship with an HIV-positive partner
  • not in a mutually monogamous  relationship with a partner who recently tested HIV-negative
  • an injection drug user

Interested in starting PrEP?
Please call our PrEP specialist at 914-995-8487 or visit one of our STD clinics. You can also make an appointment directly with a PrEP provider in your area. Be sure to ask these questions at your first visit:

  • Am I a good candidate for PrEP?
  • What other options can I use to lower my risk of getting HIV infection?
  • How effective would PrEP be at reducing my risk of HIV infection?
  • Are there any side effects?
  • Can you prescribe PrEP for me here?
  • Is there assistance to help me pay for PrEP?
  • Are you willing to prescribe and manage PrEP for me?
  • How often will I have to be tested for HIV and other STDs?
  • Can PrEP help me get pregnant safely if my partner has HIV?
  • Can I take PrEP if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

You can also use these brochures (English, EspaƱol) to help you plan for your appointment.

PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis) is an emergency medication that you begin taking right after you are exposed to HIV. You continue taking PEP for 28 days. PEP can protect you:

  • after you have unprotected sex  with someone who has, or might have, HIV
  • if you were exposed to HIV while injecting drugs

If you are HIV-negative and think you were exposed to HIV, go immediately to a clinic or emergency room and ask for PEP.


Want to Know More about PrEP & PEP?