Adults remember to get vaccinated and #keephealthyGuess what? Vaccines aren’t just for kids. Adults need them too. That’s because vaccines are an important step in protecting adults against serious, sometimes deadly, diseases. Read on to learn why you never outgrow the need for vaccines.

Why should I get vaccinated?
All adults need vaccines to stay healthy. Getting vaccinated is one of the best ways to protect yourself and the people around you from serious diseases. The vaccines you received as a child can wear off over time. Your age, job, hobbies, travel, or health conditions may also place you at risk for vaccine-preventable diseases.

Do I need any special vaccines?
Tell your healthcare provider if you fit into one or more of the groups below. You may need additional vaccines:

  • Adults 19 - 26 years old
  • Adults 60 years or older
  • Adults caring for infants and small children
  • Adults with certain health conditions
  • Pregnant women
  • Healthcare workers
  • Food handlers
  • International travelers

What vaccines do I need?
Talk to your healthcare provider about which vaccines are right for you. Here is a full list of recommended adult vaccines.

Take the adult vaccine quiz to get a customized printout of your recommended vaccines.

Where can I get vaccinated?
Most private health insurance plans cover the cost of recommended adult vaccines. Check with your insurance provider on your coverage and where you can get vaccinated.

The Westchester County Department of Health has no-cost vaccine clinics for people of all ages who don’t have health insurance that covers the cost of vaccines. Call 914-995-5800 to schedule an appointment in Yonkers or White Plains.

If you don't have a health care provider, affordable health care is available at Health Centers in Westchester County. If you need help applying for health insurance, our Navigators provide free help. If you want to learn more about health care resources in Westchester, download our "Keep Healthy and Get Connected To Care", (Español) brochure.

You can also download a copy of our “Keep Healthy and Get Vaccinated”, (Español) brochure to have useful information about adult vaccines available at your fingertips.

How can I keep track of my vaccinations?
When you get a vaccine, ask your provider for a copy of your vaccination record. Also, ask your provider to enter your vaccine history into NYSIIS, the statewide immunization data bank. That way, there will be a complete and accurate record of your immunizations available.