SummerCamp PictureThousands of children attend the county's over 250 children's summer camps each year. To help ensure a safe and healthy camping experience, Health Department staff inspect all county camps at least twice annually.

Camp Operator's Workshop 2017
A mandatory camp operator's workshop was held this Spring. Camps were required to present evidence of staff qualificaitons and implement comprehensive safety plans to prevent camper injury or illness. This year's “In-Person” portion of the 2017 Children’s Camp Workshop was held on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at the Westchester County Center, White Plains, NY.

As-soon-as available, the required online component (see below) must be viewed at your convenience. Please make the on-line portions available to all personnel during your camp staff orientation and training sessions.

2017 Children's Camp Operator's Workshop Powerpoint Presentations


Required supporting documents for the 2017 Camp Operator's Workshop


2017 Fact Sheets for Acceptable Certifications


Workshop Resources


Camp Sanitary Code

Vaccinations and Communicable Diseases
It is recommended that all individuals who will be working in or attending summer camp are vaccinated. See below for details.

Rabies Guidelines for Camps

Tickborne Diseases

MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus)

Camp Rescources:

  • WJCS Autism Center's Camp Guide 2014
    In the WJCS Autism Camp Guide you will find: Internet Resources for Special Needs Camps, Camp Referral Services, Camp Fairs, Day Camps and Sleep Away Camps